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Portugal By SUP

Back to CASE STUDIES Portugal By SUP Portugal By SUP is a portal dedicated to Stand Up Paddle (SUP) in Portugal. Its mission is to communicate and present Portugal through SUP, from north to south, east to west of mainland Portugal, Azores and Madeira. We travel through our country discovering the most special and unmissable …

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Smart & Cold

Back to CASE STUDIES Smart & Cold Data monitoring analytics Smart & Cold provides its customers with high standard results with its system. Its monitoring solutions offer all the information the customers need, tailored to their system’s temperature, humidity, battery between other features. PROJECT SERVICES PROJECT SERVICES


Back to CASE STUDIES ZØR-MONITORING ZØR-Monitoring has combined its thermal chain know-how with digital transformation. Cold Chain Intelligence, Visibility, IoT, Real Time, Logistics Efficiency, Digital Transformation, End-to-End, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Zero Waste. The combination of IoT with real-time data allows you to trigger visibility in distribution, storage and export, in order to generate more efficiency …

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Back to CASE STUDIES ZØR-MOR ZØR-Mor represents one of the different companies of the ZØR Group, a Portuguese company with more than 20 years of experience in efficient thermal chain technological solutions, which allow thermo-sensitive products to keep their ideal conditions and characteristics intact throughout the logistics process, for the Food, Healthcare and Pharma sectors. …

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Fotografia 3D

Back to CASE STUDIES Fotografia 3D Three-dimensional or 3D photography is visually appealing. It invokes interesting reactions, makes the photographs look real, as if they were right in front of us. The concept of 3D photography has been around for years. It is not something that was invented or created recently. 3D photography is quite …

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Back to CASE STUDIES Gasportex Gasportex is a family business distinguished by IAPMEI as PME Líder. Founded in 1993, it specializes in the manufacture and sale of sports, outdoor, power stretch, fleece, polar clothing (etc.), in the form of pants, shorts, jackets and other products for men, women and children. It has a team of …

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Back to CASE STUDIES Novum Canal Novum Canal, a Portuguese television channel that broadcasts online from the metropolitan region of Porto, outside Paredes, mainly serving northern Portugal. Its programming features a wide range of cultural and historical themes, events, celebrations, themes in the field of health and psychology, updated to the minute. PROJECT SERVICES PROJECT …

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Ginjinha da Ribeira

Back to CASE STUDIES Ginjinha da Ribeira The Mercado da Ribeira de Lisboa (Time Out Market) has a wide range of different establishments on its list, among which on its facade on the right side, we can find Ginjinha da Ribeira. It offers a modern concept of appreciation of its products, such as cherry liqueur …

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Jéssica Nogueira

Back to CASE STUDIES JÉSSICA NOGUEIRA Jessica Nogueira is 23 years old and was born in Braga. She emigrated to Switzerland where she has two insurance companies. On social media Jessica is a true influencer and adds up to 5,745k followers on Facebook and 253k on Instagram. Had a cameo in the 20th edition of …

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Care Us

Back to CASE STUDIES Care Us Care Us is an innovative product with dual action, it cleans and disinfects all types of surfaces and textiles. Formulated with selected compounds, in order to enhance the antiseptic action (virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal). The active ingredients used in this product are Ethanol and Hydrogen Peroxide. Through the unique …

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